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Pinned topic seedlist crawler for Portal 8 not using a wps context root?

‏2013-07-29T21:38:08Z | seedlist wps

We just set up CAWES 3.0 FP 2 and when we try and create a seed list crawler against our portal (v8) it does not give us the option to use our portals context root.  Is there a config file or config setting that sets it to use /wps all the time?  If so, where would I find this?


When I try to create a seedlist crawler it tries to hit wps/seedlist/myserver and we switched the context root so we need it to hit abc/seedlist/myserver




So, I changed the /app/IBM/es/configurations/discovery/ and when I do a test crawler it is successful, but once I click finish and try and launch the crawler it is trying to run /wps again.  Any thoughts?

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