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Pinned topic Integration of SAP BO Dashboard with Streams 3.1

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In my current project (for a telecom client) we are planning to integrate Streams 3.1 with SAP BO (Dashboard). Following is one mechanism which have been proposed but could not be validated for feasibility.I would like to request the community users to comment on the below approach and share their suggestions of alternate approaches which we can adopt to achieve the integration:


Current Solution Description : Streams 3.1 would ingest data from various network sources, enrich and perform KPI calculations and would have to transmit KPI data to SAP BO Dashboard.The currently proposed integration approach requires a SOAP web service to be exposed from Streams which would be periodically (every 15 seconds say) invoked from SAP BO .The Web Service would send the set of KPIs available at that instance to SAP BO which will be rendered in a dashboard display.


My primary question in this regard, is how feasible it is (technically and performance wise) to have Streams expose a web service to external applications ? Is there any alternate solution to achieve this integration that would not involve web services ?

Thanking in advance for your suggestions,

Indranil R Chowdhury




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    Re: Integration of SAP BO Dashboard with Streams 3.1


    There is the HTTPTupleView operator on Streams Exchange. It is a sink operator that exposes its input streams using window definitions through HTTP as a JSON object. The main use has been visualization in browsers, but it might be useful for you.

    As an example it could be defined to have a sliding window of the last 5 minutes, and each HTTP GET against the operator would return the last five minutes of tuples on the stream, formatted as an array of JSON objects, one per tuple.

    See here for some information:!/wiki/W4671426578cc_49bd_b585_3b9911c491b8/page/HTTPTupleViewExamples