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I'd like to know how to code one simple SOAP query to get a list of computers which are the member of computer group "GROUP_A" and also have a custom property named "PROP_A" with a value "XYZ".

I've tried to code a query such as;

(ids of it, names of it) of bes computers whose(value of client settings whose(name of it = "PROP_A") of it is "XYZ") of members of bes computer group whose(name of it is "GROUP_A") ....

but it did not work.

Please let me know how to code the relevance expression of this.

Any help appreciated.

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    Re: SOAP Query Help


    Here is an example statement:

    names of computers of
    results from
        (bes properties whose (name of it = "PROP_A")) whose (value of it starts with "XYZ")
        (members of bes computer group whose (name of it = "GROUP_A"))


    Lee Wei