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‏2012-12-05T02:13:52Z | idr-cdc
I have notification set for both data store and subscriptions .  Instance is running in continuous capture and subscription is persistent and source is Oracle 10g .
The issue I am facing is when I am having source database shutdown for some reason, I am getting continous notification almost every second that the database is down and hence a failure.How can I control this message that I get notification only in 10 minutes or 30 minutes when there is a failure?
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    Re: Notification when source system is down.

    I would imagine that the continuous capture or subscription persistence features are causing the instance to find out if the database is back.
    You have two ways of reducing the messages:
    1) Define a java user exit as your destination for the notifications and have logic in the there to discard repeated instances of the same message before sending out the notification
    2) Use the message filtering in the notifications at datastore level to exclude the message ids which are being notified multiple times (assuming there is at least one other error or fatal message generated)