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Pinned topic UrbanCode Deploy server startup issue failure

‏2013-11-11T16:58:40Z |

After installing UrbanCode deploy server through command prompt, I started the server using start-server.bat

Now the command prompt is showing IBM UrbanCode Deploy server started

Upto now its fine, when i tried to access the WebUI through browser , i am not getting the expected console (getting web page is not available)

i accesssed the webUI like this https://urbancode:8444/

urbancode is the host name i gave during installation..8444 is the port for https and 8000 for http...i cross checked the same in




Everything is fine, not sure why i am not able to get console page of urbancode deploy.

one observation is ,after starting server.. the ports 8444 and 8000 are in listening state with ip

I appreciate any help on this

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    Re: UrbanCode Deploy server startup issue failure


    Hello, i looked at a couple other blogs on this topic.  First question.  Did you install the products natively on your machine, or did you download a starting VM for these labs?  If you have installed into a VM, can you tell me what version of VMware.  (The full version number)