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Pinned topic IBM E Series Blade Center Port Mirroring

‏2014-07-30T17:20:33Z |

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am hoping that I will get an answer to my question here. Let me start.

We are running an IBM blade center E Series chassis. Within this chassis we are running our phone server on an HS22 blade with Fibre installed and our call recording software is running on an HS21 blade with fibre installed. The Blade center is connected directly to our SAN via the Fibre switch module. Additionally, we are also running two Ethernet switch modules on the blade.

What we are trying to accomplish is to mirror the traffic going in and out of our phone server on the HS22 blade and have it populate in our recording software on the HS21 blade. We are having some difficulty understanding on which port on the Ethernet Switch the HS22 traffic is going through. Is there a way to designate a port that it can travel through and what is the procedure for setting up port mirroring between the blades on the chassis?

If anyone can help I would be most appreciative. If you need more information I will try to provide it. T