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Pinned topic How to avoid loss of data from Interface tables

‏2013-10-11T07:39:40Z | maximo maximoassetmanagement


I have a interface table formed with the object struture , consisting of tables in WO and Matusetrans.

Data is written into Inter face table on WO status APPR.

Now, when i add one attribute to WO table and i forget to EXCLUDE it from object structure, no data gets inside iface table as the object structure has one field extra, than the one present in the Inter face table.

I recreate the interface table to solve this error. But, all the data in interface table is lost.

Is there any other way to solve this problem





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    Re: How to avoid loss of data from Interface tables



    When (re)creating the interface tables there is an option to rename the existing table so the data is not lost.  Maximo takes care of this for you.  You could do that then write a quick SQL script to write the data back from the backed up table (the one missing the column) to the newly created interface table (the one with the additional column).