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‏2013-04-24T18:25:14Z | datapower decryption padding

When encrypting using encrypt key, during my test, I'm using a test string of 'rsb@hotmail.comh', however, when decrypting, the string I get back is 'rsb/hotmain/comh'

I am using Asymentic encryption / decryption, using public private keys

Snippets from the xslt are:

<xsl:variable name="encryptedStringPlain" select="string(dp:encrypt-key('rsb@hotmail.comh','name:pub_key',$encryptionType))"/>

<xsl:variable name="decryptedStringPlain" select="string(dp:decrypt-key($encryptedStringPlain,'name:priv_key',$encryptionType))"/>

The algorithm is, is there any character replacements or padding that's happening, or is there a way to ensure I get the same string back?

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    Re: Decryption error


    According to the documentation, encrypt-key() expects output from generate-key() as input. generate-key returns a base64-encoded string. Characters '@' and '.' are not legal base64-characters.

    I assume encrypt-key() tries to base64-decode the input, and replace any illegal input characters with '/'.

    You should never use RSA to encrypt your plain-text. Create a random bit-string as an ephemeral session key, encrypt the key with rsa and encrypt the message with a block-cipher and your session key.


    regards, rolf rander