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‏2013-11-29T13:01:08Z | dropins rdz9

Hello everybody

We had installed RDz 9.0 to test it with our plugins. We installed them via the dropins folder in ../IBM/SDP and this seemed to work after some experimenting.

Now we had to do a new install from scratch, this time using the RDz repository url in the Installation Manager to install directly from there (not downloading first). RDz 9.0 was installed with iFix 1 (Build-ID: rdz90P2-I20130924_1638).

Now, after the installation I wanted to drop our plugins into the dropins folder, but it not there any more?! It hasn't been created during installation. How come? Has dropins support been dropped? Or can I just add the folder on my own?

Does IBM officially support plugin installation via dropins folder at all?


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    Re: RDz 9.0 and dropins


    I created the folder manually, dropped our plugins into it, and it worked.

    This means, technically it works. But is RDz 9.0 being installed without the drop ins folder? Does this mean that we use an unsupported install mechanism?