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I'm using the e-mail adapter on an output card in conjunction with a mailbox setup on MS Exchange 2003. Each time I run the map via design studio a pop-up occurs from Outlook 2010 asking me to allow the email to go through and if Outlook is not running the map fails with target not available. I know in Outlook 2000 I didn't have this issue. Anybody have a work around, my only requirmeent is to use the MS Exchange server mailbox to send output messages. I have some leeway on what client can implemented (i.e. alternate to Outlook) and what method to use to send the mail however I'm stumped.


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    Re: E-mail Adapter w/Exchange 2003



    Security features have been added to Outlook 2002/2003/2007 (and the Outlook 2000 versions after OL2000 SR-1) which display a dialog when certain code is used with the Outlook Object Model, Collaboration Data Objects 1.21, and Simple MAPI.  Currently the only method to administer these settings is by following the steps in article Q290499 to create an "Outlook Security Settings" Public Folder in an Exchange Server environment.

    The following articles discuss these features in more detail:
    290499 OL2002: Administrator Information About E-Mail Security Features
    290500 OL2002: Developer Information About E-Mail Security Features
    263297 OL2000: Administrator Information About the Outlook E-mail Security

    I hope that this information is of help to you regarding the pop ups.