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Pinned topic CICS ISC over APPC Autoinstall ignores Maxqtime and Queuelimit

‏2013-06-18T11:08:38Z | appc autoinstall connection


We run a CICS Configuration where we connect our TOR's trough APPC with our AOR's.
To install the connections we use the DFHZATDY autoinstall program.

Due to a production issue we want to set the MAXQTIME and QUEUELIMIT attributes to
protect our TOR's from Max Task whenever an AOR is unable to process dynamically routed tasks.

The idea is to set MAXQTIME and QUEULIMIT so the Task will be purged and not routed to the AOR.

I have changed the CONNECTION model to include both attributes MAXQTIME and QUEUELIMIT but
when the connection has been autoinstalled this attributes are reverted back to the default settomg.
So it seems autoinstall ignores the attributes.

Has anyone experienced the same? The manuals are not specific in this case. The fact that i can define
an explizit connection with the attributes leds me to believe that this is an error in the autoinstall code?

Any ideas are much appreciated,

regards, Marcel

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