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Pinned topic Next DB2 Tech Talk october 17th": Build Next-Gen Applications with New DB2 10.5 JSON Capabilities!

‏2013-10-01T20:45:02Z | and db2 for json linux unix windows.

Rapidly changing application environments require a flexible mechanism to store and communicate data between different application tiers. JSON (Java™ Script Object Notation) has proven to be a key technology for mobile, interactive applications because it reduces overhead for schema designs and eliminates data transformation needs.

New DB2 JSON capabilities enable developers to use the JSON-oriented query language, created by MongoDB, to interact with data stored in IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows databases.This driver-based solution embraces flexible JSON data representation within a proven, reliable enterprise-class relational database.

Learn about all of these DB2 JSON features and how you can leverage them to deliver data to your next-generation of applications.


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