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Pinned topic IIB Connecting to a modified Remote Queue

‏2016-12-08T18:23:03Z | iib9 mq


I modified a remote queue definition's transmission queue (new transmission queue with new channel). I can manually place a message onto the remote queue no problem but any message flow connected to that remote queue had to be restarted (or exceptions would be thrown - unable to place message on queue).


It's almost as if the message flow storing the entire remote queue definition in memory not just the reference name.


So does anyone know if there is a way of modify the remote queue definition without "bouncing" all message flows using it? Or is this something I should build into my downtime procedures.







  • SupriyoDebnath
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    Re: IIB Connecting to a modified Remote Queue


    Hi Vicar

            Are you using a CCDT file for registering the details of remote queue definition with your Integration Node? In that case, I think you have to bounce the message flow(actually the Integration Node) if you change the channel. Because the configuration would be statically stored inside node registry. Any changes has to be newly registered followed by a restart.