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Pinned topic Problem installing IBM Rational License Server

‏2013-08-07T14:51:41Z |

When I try to install IBM Rational License Server I get the following 8.0.3 on Solaris.

cp: cannot access /big5/ibm/RLKSSERVER_SETUP_SOLARIS_SPARC/disk1/launchpad/lib
cp: cannot access /big5/ibm/RLKSSERVER_SETUP_SOLARIS_SPARC/disk1/launchpad/../jre

Any suggestions?

  • Kumiko Matsuoka
    Kumiko Matsuoka
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    Re: Problem installing IBM Rational License Server


    Hi Webdbase,

    Thank you for posting your question in the forum.
    I assume you are installing the current latest version of Rational License Key Server  ver 8.1.3 on Solaris.

    According to Overview of Rational Common Licensing 8.1.3 ;
    From RCL 8.1.3, RLKS installation on Unix platforms will be done through IBM Installation Manager (IM), there will not be any more shell script based installation of RLKS. You need IM version of 1.5.2 for RLKS installation.
    Here only one instance of RLKS 8.1.3 installation can be done on a Unix machine there is an Option to start the license server at the end of the installation

    Hope it will help to resolve your problem.

    Refer to Configure a license server on UNIX
    The latest Installation manager v can be downloaded from here.

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