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‏2013-10-22T09:29:56Z | deploy named runas user



I have a env. with windows7 PC and users (not local admins)


I have to deploy a software and the installer crach is it runs under the LOCAL system account.... I cannot use the Runas current user, because the installer need local admin rights....


How do I run a task as a named user?


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    Re: deploy software - non system account


    Do you have the correct local admin credentials to supply?  If so, then you can use the Win7 command 'runas' or another utility like 'psexec' that allows you to specify a user and password, and run that in your actionscript.  For example:

    waithidden echo "password" | runas /user:localAdmin "setup.exe"


    waithidden psexec -user localAdmin -p password "setup.exe"

    With IEM 9.0, actions targeted at individual computers will be encrypted so only the targeted computer will receive the action and be able to decrypt it to see and use the credentials.

    If you don't have the local admin credentials, then you'll have to figure out why System account can't run the installer and try to correct that.