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Pinned topic Unable to connect to Oracle Db when the code is instrumented with Purify

‏2013-10-01T11:00:12Z | oracle purify

We are facing the error code while establishing the database connection to oracle db: ORA-28041 Authentication protocol internal error.

The application is connecting to the database successfully under normal compilation, but when we instrument the application code with the Rational purify, the application is not able to connect to the oracle and giving the above error.

Oracle version is: 11gR1

Purify version is: PurifyPlus.

Checked the oracle logs and traces and couldn't find any error message related to this connection failure.

We tried the db connectivity with the Oracle 9i version and it is able to connect to the db with the purify build also.

Any help/Suggestions to debug and resolve this problem with oracle11g is greatly helpful!!!




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    Re: Unable to connect to Oracle Db when the code is instrumented with Purify


    Hi Sekhar,

    The PurifyPlus is a quite old version compared to the latest version of PurifyPlus that includes many fixes related with running Purify instrumented code that uses Oracle DB. So I suggest trying with PurifyPlus ( or the evaluation version (

    Also you can try with excluding Oracle libraries from instrumentation using both options "-enable-exclude -exclude-libs=<library>".