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we have to move our produktive  SVC (2 nodes - 2145-8F4) to a new data center, which is 5 kilometers away from here - in the the same SAN. And we want to do it - if possible - without interruption.

So, Is it possible to stop the first node, move the node and start it again in the new data center? Do the attached hosts continue operating on the remaining node (without interruption)?  Then the same procedure to the second node. ... and we moved a svc without "downtime" from one data center into an other !? ;-)

I think, it's looks like to make temporary a "split-cluster configuration" from a normal "SVC cluster configuration"?

Is this possible or is it just nonsense?




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    Re: Move SVC to another data center


    Its possible. And yeah, you are making a temp split cluster, except for a split cluster you have a 3rd quorom site, to avoid a split brain scenario. For that reason, I'm pretty sure IBM would say its unsupportet.

    I'd say, if the time between the move of the first and seocnd node is not too long(hours, not days), its an acceptable risk.

    Also be sure there is plenty of ISL bandwidth between the two sites on both/all fabrics.


    Alternative, consider buying 2 new nodes (its "pretty" cheap, as you already have the license, and its the license that is expensive), and add a new IO group at the second site with the new hardware. Then migrate stuff from the first IO group to the second slowly over time, and remove the original IO group when all is moved. That way you'll get a nice performance boost (8 GB to 48 GB memory, 8G FC, CPU power for compression etc.) and be able to move stuff slowly without having a period of time without redundancy during the move.