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Pinned topic xiv unmap multiple volumes via XCLI

‏2013-06-26T15:20:49Z | storage xcli xiv

Was trying to unmap volumes from a host via the GUI and it appears as if they are locked somehow? Can only map to the host, not unmap. This got me poking around XCLI and I wondered if there was any way to take the output from mapping_list host=host001 and push that to an unmap command, like a script? I've done something similar in SVC, but wasn't sure if XCLI supported this.

EDIT: I was able to unmap these LUNs...the host was part of a cluster, so that is why it wouldn't let me do it. I still want to know if this could be done via the XCLI, however. Thanks.

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    Re: xiv unmap multiple volumes via XCLI



    I just tried the scenario you mentioned. XCLI does not provide the option to specify multiple volumes for the unmap command. Even the GUI creates multiple commands if you remove multiple volumes.


    So, the answer is: Only one Volume can be unmounted at the time.


    I would suggest to do some loop and use the "-t volume" option for mapping list.