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Pinned topic Wipe out of of interco balances with an outgoing entity

‏2013-06-15T10:21:52Z | change consolidation in scope

Hi all,

I have the following case:

Entity B belonged to the consolidation scope in 2012 and it exits during 2013.

Entity A has intercompany balances with entity B that were eliminated last year in 2012. Now in 2013, with the carryforward i see the elimination of the opening balances in entity A against entity B. Entity A in his REPO data cancels de intercompany against entity B. However when I run the consolidation this amount isn't eliminated using the movement "decrease" as entity B doesn't belong anymore to the consolidation scope. The result, is that the consolidation entry which eliminated interco balances from entity A with entity B can't be cancelled. This is wrong.

Any idea how this case must be handled in Controller?