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Pinned topic Connection portal - move the navigation path

‏2013-10-23T13:33:55Z | 10.2 cognos

Hello ,

We would like to save some space on the connection portal page by moving the navigation path (like Public Folders > project_1 > my_package) at the same level as Entries (where last , previous, number of entries are displayed, etc ...)

I've attached a print screen.

Any help is welcomed.

  • OpherB
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    Re: Connection portal - move the navigation path


    There is documentation on how you can "reskin" the Portal. I'm not sure if this particular change is possible, but you should check the documentation.

    I would recommend against making this change. You will need to re-implement whatever changes you make with every release you install, and Cognos reserves the right to change the way the page is rendered, meaning you may have to find a new way to make your change in a future release.

    Good luck,