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Pinned topic RMC changes links

‏2016-10-26T14:35:51Z |

We noticed a strange thing:

We have documents on a data server and documents in Sharepoint.

When I copy/paste an Excel-table containing links to the docs on the dataserver to a "supporting material" those links are modified: RMC changes the file-links to the data-server to links on the webserver.

It also copies all those docs to its webserver. We didin't know this at first since we noticed that we all of a sudden we had two different versions of a document, depending wherefrom people got it.

Is this a setting somewhere?

  • BruceJMacIsaac
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    Re: RMC changes links


    I am not aware of any setting to control copy/paste behavior.  However, you can always go to the HTML tab to check the HTML and make corrections.