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Pinned topic How to run Cognos Exprees powerplay

‏2013-06-28T07:17:48Z |

I want to ask a Question how to run Cognos powerplay tool. Cn I install it from the Internet ?

  • Simon_Lelli
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    Re: How to run Cognos Exprees powerplay

    ‏2013-09-20T10:55:36Z  in response to 7C9P_Grzegorz_Zawistowski

    (it has been a while since your post, maybe this reply is still relevant)

    PowerPlay is not an available component or module in Cognos Express (CX).   Typically CX is aimed at new sites seeking new Business Analytics capabilities and will use the cube building mechanisms available in CX  (in memory cubes based on TM1 capabilities) or read external datasources (sorry Powerplay is not one).