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Pinned topic Storwize IP partnership speed cap

‏2019-10-17T15:20:09Z |

Hi All

Are we able to limit the speed of an IP partnership on V5030?

I set the partnership to 300Mbps and created some files that remote copied. 7 files at 10Gb each.

Network analyzer tools seem to suggest the bandwidth between sites spiked at 1Gb for about 7-8 minutes and then tailed off. There is no way it could send 70Gb in 7 minutes. Then dropped to 200Mbps. Assuming is still sending at this speed.

I know they are 1Gb ports in the V5030 and 1Gb ports in the network switch. Will it just use what it can and thus used 1Gb?

Is there a way to throttle down the speed? I thought by setting partnership at 300Mbps it would do this.