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‏2013-07-31T12:23:48Z | ds4300 exp810 v3700

I am looking to find out what firmware levels I need to have to interconnect a DS4300, EXP810 and a v3700.  The v3700 has version, the DS4300 has

I can't seem to find the correct support document to help me with this

  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Firmware levels


    Interconnect? You want to virtualize the DS4300 behind the V3700?


    You cant use external virtualization with a V3700. Its only SVC and V7000 that can do that.


    You can use it for one-way migrations into the v3700. To do that you do need a FC version of the V3700.

    If you have the latest firmware on the DS4300 and EXP810's I wouldnt bother too much with the correct firmware, as its only temponary link, so whenever failover between controllers etc Works or not shouldnt really matter for the limited time you need the connection.