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‏2014-02-20T11:58:36Z | active ad dependencies directory distribution portal self service software ssp swd


I have an issue with distributing software based on Active Directory with software packages that have dependencies. 

This is the scenario:

I have an IEM server that cannot see AD. However, I can create a Software package and distribute it as a  Self Service Portal offer based on the logged on user being a member of that application group. This works fine as the AD check is done on the endpoint - which can see AD.

However, I have applications that have dependencies. e.g. 'Yammer' needs 'Adobe Air' 

I do not know of a way to make tasks with dependencies in software distribution and send them down as a Portal Offer based on AD membership.

However, I can create a baseline that has 'Adobe Air' and 'Yammer'. The relevance for the Yammer and Adobe Air tasks are simple based on OS being Windows. I then take the action and in the setting 'User'  tab configure it to install when the user of the machine is a member of an AD group. Unlike the Portal AD relationship, here I have to be able to see AD to be able to create the relevance. Is there a way to manually input an active directory group here without the IEM server being able to view AD? 

If so, I can simply distribute the Baseline as an Offer - knowing that only logged on users of the particular application group (e.g AD group 'Yammer') can view and install the offer, and that any applications that have dependencies will be covered by the baseline. 

The only other issue is that offers sent down like this do not come up in the portal list, and instead come up in the offers tab on the endpoint. This makes the portal obsolete - is there a way to get rid of the portal tab?


Apologies - this is a lot to take in, however it's fairly straight forward functionality that IEM should be able to fulfill. 'application offer based on target user AD membership that has other application dependencies' 

I could try and manually create the relevance by copying the AD relevance from the portal task, however I have approx 100 apps to get through so ideally need a User Interface method. 




Gwyndaf - UK IEM Consultant