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Pinned topic WS-EAF autentication with Java API (CEWS)

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I need to integrate a third party application with FileNet (CM 4.5.1). It's a thin client java application. Due to enviroment reasons we cannot use EJB transport so the only option is CEWS.

My problem is that the client application does not know the complete user's credentials (both uid AND password) but just the userid.

My question is, does anybody knows if it's possible to use the Web Service Extensible Autentication Framework (WS-EAF) to authenticate  the standard Java API requests over CEWS and not just a custom webservice client requests?

Thank you and please forgive my bad english,


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    Re: WS-EAF autentication with Java API (CEWS)

    I have a similar problem as yours, have you provided a solution to your problem?
    Personally, I get to the conclusion it is not possible to use WSEAF stantard to authenticate the standard Java API requests over CEWS?

    I find this very embarrassing because it means that it is not possible to extend the native operating mode to interface to unsupported solutions.

    For example in my case, my objective was to interface FileNet and my developments using the Java API FileNet CE / PE with a centralized authentication server (CAS jasig).

    These are the posts related to my problem.

    Thank you.