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Pinned topic debugging with Eglar files

‏2013-04-16T07:49:54Z | eglar rbd tui


I am debbugging one big application. Some programs are stored in eglar files


Each time the debugger start one EGL program that is located inside the Eglar, ask me to select one debug configuration from the eglbld file, except if i have the other project (the one used to generate the eglar) opened


¿How can i avoid that?


  • markevans
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    Re: debugging with Eglar files


    Hey... that is a bug that has already been fixed in APAR PM73906.

    This APAR was shipped in RBD and will be shipped in 8.5.1 when the next fix pack is shipped (not sure of timing yet).. 

    If you are using 8.5.1, then you could open a PMR and request a fixtest.