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Pinned topic SNMP v1/2 question- event action

‏2013-08-07T17:46:50Z | isd6.3.2

I'm attempting to configure a  "Send an SNMP trap to an IP host" event action and I've tested several times but I do not get a record in the event-action history (it is started). My question is, for this particular event-action, how much SNMP configuration is required on the Director server? Does SNMP need to be running locally on the  Director server?

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    Re: SNMP v1/2 question- event action


    As far as I know, you don't need to enable the SNMP service but it won't hurt to try, if you're experiencing problems; there's nothing in the InfoCentre which claims this to be a prerequisite.  If it is, then it's not mentioned at all in the documentation, for either Windows or Linux.


    Can you not send the Test SNMP Trap to an actual SNMP recipient system?  That way, with the receiving application at the other end, you can find out if it's making it through or not.


    When you actually click <Test> does it say it was "sent successfully" or a message to that effect?  If not, then it's not working but there isn't any further set-up required, as far as I'm aware, so it should be working and should get recorded in the EAP's log.


    Last thing to try is downloading one of many free SNMP trap receiver utilities and install this on another system and sending the traps to that destination - again, it will demo whether the whole thing is working or not.