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Pinned topic .NET 4 Connecting to Informix 11

‏2013-05-15T20:43:15Z | c# informix


Hello All,

I've been beating my head against some Informix errors for a couple days now and my head is spinning. My situation: I am moving an application to a new server (Server 2008 R2) that was developed in VS2012 (.NET 4.0) and that needs to connect to an Informix 11 database. A year ago when I built the application I believe I used the clientsdk.3.70.TC5DE.WIN_32 install (installed to Program Files (x86) and referencing C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM Informix Client SDK\bin\netf20\IBM.Data.Informix.dll). This setup still works correctly when I am testing the application locally, but it doesn't work when I deploy to my server, which is configured the same way. My error message is: "The exception message is 'The type initializer for 'IBM.Data.Informix.IfxConnection' threw an exception."

So a couple questions:

1.     1. Which Client SDK should I be using?

2.     2. Should I be installing in Program Files or Program Files (x86)?

3.     3. Which Informix .dll should I be using?

4.     4. Is there a way to not have to install any files on the server, but have all necessary files in the application?

Thank you for your time and any help you can give!