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‏2013-06-12T18:16:34Z | console data dswc studio web

Hello -- I'm trying to install Data Studio 3.2 with the Web Console.  It seems to have installed correctly, but when I try to configure the web console, I get nothing.  It looks like something kicks off in a command window, but then it goes away and nothing happens.

Can someone help me figure out what is going on?



Sally Mir

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    Re: Trying to install DSWC


    You haven't specified on what OS are you installing DSWC... but I am going to assume it is Windows.


    1. you have accepted the default ports suggested during the installation,
    2. AND the IBMDSServer32 service is running,
    3. AND the default ports are shown as LISTENING in the output of 'netstat -an' command (run in command window)

    then you should be able to point your browser to https://your_DSWC_host_IP:11087/datatools or http://your_DSWC_host_IP:11086/datatools (provided you chose to allow unsecured access to the console during installation), which should greet you with a login box...  

    Be aware that your browser will need to run Adobe Flash.