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Pinned topic DB2 10.5 Express-C Fix Pack version ?

‏2014-08-02T20:04:49Z | fp1 fp3

I note that Express-C is presently at FP1 level. Due the large number of released fixes etc in FP3/a, when will the current version of Express-C be updated to include FP3 and available for download ?

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    Re: DB2 10.5 Express-C Fix Pack version ?


    I've been asking the same question.   There has been no update to Express-C since December 2012.

    It does seem that with the focus very firmly on "DB2 in the Cloud" (or "BLU in the Cloud") the users of Express-C have been forgotten.

    Not only are there a lot of fixes since FP1 (including some important security ones), some of the newer features (e.g. JSON) aren't very useable in that early fixpack. 

    Of course we all know we can get the latest fixpacks by buying Express, but that misses the whole point of Express-C (to get people using DB2 for free, especially the newest functionality, so that eventually they will need to buy support).

    Phil Nelson