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Pinned topic SSL trust message confusion.

‏2013-08-22T20:18:50Z |


I am trying to create a controller and member server from the following tutorial:

But I get SSL connection problem as marked in red. What should I do to get rid of this of message. I created a key using securityUtility and using this key file in /root/host1/wlp/usr/servers/controller2/resources/security/key.jks

./securityUtility createSSLCertificate --server=controller2 --password=password --validity=365 --subject=CN=mycompany,O=myOrg,C=myCountry

[root@dl160 logs]# collective join member11 --host=dl160 --port=9493 --user=admin --password=adminpwd --keystorePassword="/root/host1/wlp/usr/servers/controller2/resources/security/key.jks"
Joining the collective with target controller dl160:9493...
This may take a while.

SSL trust has not been established with the target server.

Certificate chain information:
Certificate [0]
Subject DN:, OU=controller2, O=ibm, C=us
Issuer DN: OU=controllerRoot, O=42222cd8-415e-4caa-aeb6-d0c968c4b2bc,
Serial Number: 189,155,778,238,385
Expires: 8/21/18 3:56 PM
SHA-1 digest: 43:8E:56:E7:87:2B:43:AD:AE:71:42:5C:62:0F:87:D1:97:4B:F5:7D
MD5 digest: 10:1B:06:3A:96:4B:9E:41:02:31:08:0A:CE:50:CF:67

Please note that: I created the certificate as follows

./securityUtility createSSLCertificate --server=controller2 --password=password --validity=365 --subject=CN=mycompany,O=myOrg,C=myCountry

But I see when I try to add a server member with this keyfile, the certificate information is different