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Pinned topic Tips & Tricks: Deprovisioning Users from AD or LDAP in MaaS360

‏2015-08-13T21:01:24Z | ad ldap tips users

Many times, customers will setup the Cloud Extender to point to AD during configuration for User Visibility. This results in all users being imported to MaaS360. This is not desirable for all customers and normally they will move to a restricted directory or to LDAP and need to purge old users. Customers may accomplish this in the MaaS360 workflow. Users can be purged in two different ways, all users or via an uploaded csv file. A sample file is available in the MaaS360 Workflow.

  • Go to Users -> Directory

  • Click the More dropdown to the far right

  • Click Deprovision User Directory

  • Follow the prompts on the screen to either remove all users from the AD or LDAP or to upload a file to remove users.

  • Click Continue, a confirmation message will appear after entering your password.

    • Note if you use the file upload, the number of users to be removed will also be displayed.

    • Note the admin will receive an email when the job is finished.

  • The job to process the removes runs at midnight GMT and the users will be removed at that point.

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