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‏2013-03-21T06:20:58Z | idr-cdc
     I am trying to refresh data from a sybase db to DB2 but failing due to some awkward error. I have around 60 tables and data refresh is failing for 2 tables. The error is as follows:"Table dbo.redemptxxxx could not be refreshed. The precision 10 is too small for the decimal value 20727.443600"
 The error is on an amount column. All the tables have user defined data types in source db and it refers to a DECIMAL datatype of  18,6. Ideally it should work well for the value above. I had tried out changing the data type to DOUBLE but that too could not resolve the issue. Please advice if anyone has faced similar issue.
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    Re: CDC Refresh failure form Sybase DB

    Hi Tom
    You do not say what the original column attributes where for the source and target tables. If you have not already done so try letting management Console create the target table and this will tell you the datatype CDC thinks it needs.
    I do not think a floating point data type is necessarily a good target column for a source decimal; you may get rounding errors anyway.
    It may be that CDC is confused by having user defined data types on the source. If all else fails, you can create a source derived column which is populated by the actual source column and then map the target column to that