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‏2013-08-03T11:10:33Z | email validation

Model have a schema and based on the schema, I had created a Data page.

Schema look like: <Root>

For adding validations,

1) I had added the Data Field Settings builder. I had specified 'E-Mail Address' as Field Type for EMail ID.

2)Using RDD also, I had specified base="base_Email".

if entered email address wrong, DOJO Email validation box shows error message as red color highlighted control.

But it allows user to submit the form even given input is not valid.

RDD/Data Field Settings have this issue.


But other validation is working fine.For ex., number field type.

If I did not specify correct integer in the  Number text box, I could not submit the form.



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    Re: Email Validation Text box Issue


    One thing I see is that the validation of the email address is using a


    The doc for this says

    Note that a ValidationTextBox by itself will not prevent invalid entries from submission. To ensure they're not, simply surround your form with a dijit/form/Form widget.