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Pinned topic NMON and AME

‏2013-05-06T19:21:06Z |

Not sure where to post a NMON request, but I'll start here.  We have just started to use AME and I was surprised to see that there was no stats for it in NMON.


A tab for AME stats, ie the data from amepat showing Expansion factor, AME CPU usage, % Compressed Memory would be a good set of charts to have to verify (prove) all is working as expected and show the results of different expansion factors.



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  • nagger
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    Re: NMON and AME

    ‏2013-05-07T14:11:55Z  in response to paulc91

    Correct there is no AME Tab but you are not looking hard enough as the data is there.

    AME is sort of memory and sort of paging so:

    MEM tab

    • Size of the Compressed pool (MB)
    • Size of true memory (MB)
    • Expanded memory size (MB),
    • Size of the Uncompressed pool (MB)

    MEMNEW tab

    • Compressed Pool%

    PAGE tab

    • Paging rates (pages per second) but this time very quickly in & out of the compressed memory area
    • Compressed pool pgins   - other tools like topas call this CI
    • Compressed pool pgouts - other tools like topas call this CO
    • 2U2T_Sergey_Leonovich
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      Re: NMON and AME

      ‏2013-10-21T16:41:48Z  in response to nagger

      Does NMON also collect CPU penalty on memory compression (%xcpu xphysc in lparstat -c) ?

      (added): Also memory deficit (dxm) seem to be missing. It cannot be calculated from MEM tabs, at least does not seem so



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