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Pinned topic Request For Enhancement (RFE) process for RPG

‏2016-06-15T19:15:25Z | rfe rpg

You can submit a Request For Enhancement and vote on/watch list existing ones.

Here is the list of current RFEs for RPG: http://ibm.biz/rpg_rfe. You can vote for the RFEs you think are most important, add RFEs to your watch list, and add your own comments to RFEs.

If you don't find an existing RFE that describes what you want, open a new RFE:

  1. Check the "I want to specify the brand, product family, and product" option.
  2. Select
  • Brand: Servers and System Software
  • Product family: Power Systems
  • Product: IBM i
  • Component: Languages - RPG