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‏2013-05-25T10:03:00Z |

I have installed the following programs under Windows 7:

  • IBM DB2 express-c 10.12
  • IBM Data studio 3.1.1

From the Data studio I can access the sample database (Connection is O.K.).

Here now my problem / question:

Where can I find all available procedures tables etc. (in data Studio for database sample)


  • EspiritoSanto
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    Re: DB2 Express-C and Data Studio


    I'm using Linux Fedora 18. I'm still trying to install IBM Data Studio to interact with DB2 Express C 10.5. I read somewhere in the documentation that the Samples have to be installed.

    In Windows everything is easier to install. The problem and work with Windows in production. If someone can help me to install a client GUI in Fedora 18, I'll be grateful.