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 This question came from ranj in the article "Anatomy of the Linux kernel: History and architectural decomposition".

I am a new bee in embedded linux and found your post very helpful . I am very interested in embedded linux but have not got opportunity to work in this field. Kindly guide me how to excel in this domain .
I dont want to take only bookish knowledge. want to have more and more hands on experience

We definitely need more "new bees"!

In many ways imbedded Linux is like any deployment of Linux.  You are simply working with a computer that has more limited functions and interfacing.  Other than that, Linux is pretty much Linux.  Of course, you will need to have an efficient installation that only contains what you need for your application, which will likely require to you recompile the Linux kernel.  (See this "Hacking the Linux 2.6 kernel" tutorial.)

The precise nature of what you do depends a lot on the device that you choose.  Raspberry Pi has become a pretty popular because they are very inexpensive.  The site promises availability starting at $25, but I've not really found anything for lest than $35—though that is still pretty good.  You will actually probably want to start with a kit which contains all the adapters and cables that you will need for development.  You will need all of that stuff anyway and you can use it with mutliple Pi boards.  Maker's Shed has one for about $125.

Of course there are plenty of other devices out there as well. has a good collection of news and information about what is being done in the world of embedded Linux, with pointers to lots of hardware and projects that people have done.

We are looking at having a Raspberry Pi series by Peter Seebach in 2013.  In the mean time here are some articles that might be useful to you:

Does that get you started, ranj?  What sort of project interests you?