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Pinned topic RDp 8.5.1 fails to open with Java exit code 8096

‏2013-05-21T20:26:46Z | rdp

Is anyone else suddenly having a problem with RDp v8.5.1 failing to open and generating a Java exit code of 8096? I attached a copy of the error message that I receive. This just started happening at the end of last week. It may (or may not) be related to recent Windows 7 updates conflicting with Java.

I have been working with IBM Support...will post info if/when I get any.


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    Re: RDp 8.5.1 fails to open with Java exit code 8096


    OK, I forgot to update this thread, so here is what happened. IBM/Rational Support did fix this issue. Here is the Tech-Note that describes the issue:

    Contact IBM/Rational to get a new JDK folder (be sure to indicate whether you are running 32- or 64-bit version of RDp). The fix is to rename the old JDK folder and replace it with a new one.