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Pinned topic How to print out your iPhone text message?

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If you want to print out your iPhone SMS, what you should know is that you should transfer your SMS out of your iPhone first of all. In order to transfer your SMS out of your iPhone, you need a Coolmuster iPhone iPad iPod to computer Transfer tool to help you, with the help of it, you cantransfer iPhone SMS to computer as a txt file or a ANTS file before the event above happens. Before the transfer, you can choose to transfer from all contacts or a single contact, further more, you can choose transfer the SMS to a TXT file or a ANTS file. In ANTS file condition, you can protect the file with a password to keep your privacy.

More solution: easy way to print Android SMS

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    I know a tool can help to print text messages from iPhone, maybe you can try, check the link

    how to recover deleted text messages from iPhone, how to recover deleted pictures from iPhone

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    There is a easiest way to print text messages from iPhone--do a screen shot. 

    But if you need a certain format, you'd better rely on some program, such as iPhone data recovery software.

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    Turn to Vibosoft iPhone Backup Extractor. It will enable you get an ideal printing messages without any loss.

    You can Print Text Messages Conversation from iPhone (Mac/windows)


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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    Now you may ask: can I print out sms from iPhone and how? Just take it easy. The good news is that there is a How to Print Text Messages tool you can use it print out iphone sms.

    How to print out iphone sms

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    you can transfer sims and then print text messages from iPhone.

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    iPhone is one of the best inventions in the world. It makes people's lives much easier and comfortable. Today most people own an iPhone and they use it to communicate with other people by calling or sending messages.

    Text messaging is an amazing way to communicate with other people. Sometimes they are very important for people, because it makes people talk and connect even without seeing each other. However, sometimes your iPhone may run out of space and you have to delete some important data and files in your device including your messages.

    So print text messages from iPhone are very important especially when you want to re-read some conversations for reference.

    You can use FonePaw iOS Transfer to transfer SMS to computer and then printer them.

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    Sometimes text messages on iPhone could be very valuable and important, which may be the reason why people want to print text messages on paper or other place for backup. But text messages app on iPhone doesn't support AirPrint, which means that you can't use AirPrinter to directly print messages from iPhone.

    If you want to print text, actually you can try to save the text messages to screenshots and print them by using AirPrint printer, or email the text messages to your email account and print them from email. However, these methods are not suitable to print a large number of iPhone texts/SMS. Therefore, we provide the method below in this post to help you easily print text messages from iPhone, no matter how many messages you want to print. And it applies to printing SMS/iMessages from iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 5s/5c/5 and old iPhone 4/4s. You can try this so called Whatsapp Recovery it will help you a lot and also you can see here tutorials on how to retrieve deleted whatsapp messages from iPhone

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    Many of tablets and pc support connect USB devices. It is possible that if you have a self powered printer and connect to it via USB that you could print to it from your tablet and pc. You may be able to do this directly or you may need to find an app that will allow USB printing text messages .

    How to print a text message

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    There are 2 ways at your disposal to print text messages from iPhone.

    Method 1: Screenshot text messages

    If you don't have a lot of messages to print, take screenshots of the text message and email it to yourself for later printing. It is the easiest way to print iPhone text messages.

    Method 2: Print iPhone text messages with Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery

    If you want to print a bunch of text messages from iPhone, you can rely on  Jihosoft iPhoneDataRecovery  that enables you to access text messages on your iPhone and print them out in order. Just follow the instructions below:

    1. Run the program and connect your iPhone to computer. ( You can click "Next" to select an iTunes backup and print iPhone text messages from the backup.)

    2. Click "Start scan" to allow it scan for text messages on your iPhone.

    3. Click "Messages", preview and save text message file on your computer.

    4. Open the index.html file,  select "Print Message" and hit "Print" to print text messages from iPhone.

    Video Guide:

    Top 3 Ways to Print Text Messages from iPhone




    More tutorials about printing text messages from iPhone:

    How toPrintTextMessagesfromiPhone

    Print TextMessagesfromiPhone

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?



    Some times you need to use the messages of your iPhone with paper. So you need to print text messages from iPhone. To do this, you need first to transfer the text messages from iPhone to computer, then you can easily print them. You can learn how to print text messages from iPhone here.

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    To print out your iPhone text message, first we need export all text messges from iPhone to computer as a printable file format. Then we can directly print them out via a printer.

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    Re: How to print out your iPhone text message?


    We are now spending more and more time with our smartphones, making calls, sending messages, taking photos, etc. All of these data are wonderful moments of our life. What if you lose or delete them by mistake from your Android phone? Don't be panic! The data will still be there for a while, before new data comes in and replaces them. So, what you need to do is,

    1) Stop using your Android phone, don't even make any calls, to avoid any new data

    2) Use Android data recovery tool to restore your lost data

    We have tested all the Android data recovery tools in the market, and reviewed them from different angles, including how many Android devices and OS versions they support, what kinds of data they can restore, whether it's easy to use and how about the support service, etc. Hope the best 5 Android data recovery tools could help you restore your lost data and retrieve the good memories!

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