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Does anyone know if there is a finite set of line ends you can use in SA? It seems like there is. Can I create some somehow?  I am trying to see if there are line ends other than Arrows that I might be able use for a diagram representing impact and don't want to use arrows.  Thanks.

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    Re: Manipulation of line end symbols


    I also would like to know how to remove the arrows at the ends of lines for the OV-4.  I just want to show hierarchical and coordination relationships without arrows on the ends of lines.  There is no option in the OV-4 for a plain line like there used to be in the DoDAF 1.5 versions of SA.  I could find no way to shrink the arrows down to nothing so that they would not show up as arrows on the end, but you can't set it to zero, which should basically eliminate the arrow.  What do I need to do to create/generate a plain line that would display vertical as well as horizontal relationships on the OV-4?