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Pinned topic Send sensor data directly to bluemix and alert users by mqtt protocol

‏2018-06-30T10:40:12Z | bluemix cloud iot sensors

We have alot machinery system in mining firm and we are going to upgrade some of our department with IOT services, as we already in contact with firm name ncd.io they suggest to use bluemix platform with wireless vibration sensor  https://store.ncd.io/product/iot-long-range-wireless-vibration-and-temperature-sensor/ using wireless PAN module communicate with Edison as server to connect with web based application 

We are looking for the application which is created on bluemix platform should help us to display the data in smartphone as well as connect the application with mqtt services creating certain parameter alert which will be helpful to send sms on smartphones whenever disruption takes place 

 This process is much newer for, your leads leads will be much helpful