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Pinned topic Nmon -d does not record ServQ full?

‏2013-12-09T08:26:09Z | full nmon servq

I would like to graph the ServQ full metric but it seems that nmon -d -F ..... does not store this metric?



DISKREAD,Disk Read KB/s 

DISKWRITE,Disk Write KB/s 
DISKXFER,Disk transfers per second 
DISKRXFER,Transfers from disk (reads) per second 
DISKBSIZE,Disk Block Size 


Is this correct or am I missing something


kind reagards


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    Re: Nmon -d does not record ServQ full?



    You have to give us some clues!!!

    If this nmon on AIX or nmon for Linux?

    If AIX, which AIX release ?

    oslevel -s

    You are using the one supplied with AIX - right?  whence nmon

    If Linux which Linux release and which nmon release?

    cat /etc/*ease

    nmon -h | grep Version

    Actually nmon for Linux does not currently support this data.

    Thanks, Nigel Griffiths