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‏2014-07-16T13:43:34Z | 10.5 c db2 express

Hi every one,

I am totally new to database activities, formerly worked as an AS400 developer.I installed DB2 C Express 10.5 on my machine. I can access all the things which i required.Now I am trying to create a user through IBM data studio.I am able to create an User,after that how to specify the password for this user.

I know this is an OS authentication. The user which I created through data studio( does not exist on my windows machine,as db2 will automatically creates one) .After creation of this user ,If i am trying to access to the sample database through the newly created user, it is prompting for the password, which I was not specified during the creation of my user.

I request you to please specify me, how to set password for an user created through IBM data studio.




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    Re: User Creation On Db2 C express


    What OS is this?