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‏2017-12-06T17:31:38Z | access baselines doors groups permissions user

Hello All,

Following on from my previous post where I have divorced DOORS from RDS and recreated the Users and Groups.


It seems that DOORS removed all the User Groups from the Module/Object/Attribute/View Access list which I wasn't expecting. This was rather easy to fix however simply be recreating them and resetting each one accordingly. DXL is great for this sort of thing.


My problem now is one of baselines. They had inherited access from the RDS user groups that are no more when they were struck. I have recreated these groups using exactly the same names however access to baselines is not granted. Each user (who has access to the current version simply see 'Read Locked Data' for each object. At first glance I don't understand.


My worry now is twofold. Firstly, there is some sort of internal numbering schema for groups so even though I have recreated identically named groups DOORS will still view them differently therefore no access is granted.


Secondly, changing access permissions for baselines is disallowed.


So where does that leave me? Other than having a project team screaming at me that is...


Thoughts anyone...:)



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    Re: DOORS User Group Issues


    Dear All,


    Update following some playing. I tried to recreate the problem on my new database and couldn't.


    Administrator logon

    Create new group;

    Create new user and add to new group;

    Create new project and module and set access permissions to new group = RMCDA, everyone else = none

    New User logon

    Add a couple of test objects, strike a baseline, make a couple of minor edits.

    Administrator logon

    Delete new group

    Create new group with exact same name, add this second group to new project and new module access permissions

    New User log on

    Attempt to view baseline in new module - SUCCESS!!!!


    So clearly, this is not the problem. After some more exploration I discover that there are no groups in the object access permissions which I believe now is the problem.


    I'm guessing as this is an uneditable field, this problem is fairly unfixable...