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Pinned topic Announcing open beta with Microsoft Entity Framework 5.0 support

‏2013-04-16T04:32:38Z | 'ef 'entity 'ibm 5.0' add-ins database for framework' studio' visual


I am very pleased to announce the open beta with Microsoft Entity Framework 5.0 support for 'IBM DB2.NET' and 'IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio'

This beta does prereq a certain level of our drivers - you must be on V10.1FP2 in order to use this beta. The beta only updates the Visual Studio Addins to add EF 5.0 support, the DB2 .NET data provider is not modified.

This beta is supported with any of our client packages. The best practice is installation of the IBM Data Server Driver Package (ds driver) and then the Visual Studio Addins on top of that, as detailed here:

This beta will work with the Data Server Runtime Client, the Data Server Client, or and DB2 LUW Server package - as long as it is at V10.1FP2. This beta does not have any support for the IBM.Data.Informix provider - that has been deprecated and will not be enhanced further - The IBM.Data.DB2 provider fully supports Informix servers.

The beta is only supported via this forum - if you do have an issue, please create a thread here and one of the followers of this forum should be able to assist.

Thank-you for participating in the beta.



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    Re: Announcing open beta with Microsoft Entity Framework 5.0 support


    Thank-you for your participation in the EF 5.0 BETA program. This is now released as part of the 10.5 release that you can access here:

    Please do share your comments/feedback/questions through this forum by starting a new thread/topic.