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Pinned topic WebService builder call - SOAP version ?

‏2013-07-26T14:21:41Z |

We received a WSDL from a different vendor. (system integrator)

On using this WSDL and On click of "Fetch WSDL" it gives errors like - Method Name required and Method Namespace URI is required. The vendor who created the WSDL says , it all works in SOAP UI, and they insist the problem is in your IDE.

So just want to understand , what should I check for ?

Also is there a specific SOAP version supported like 1.2 only and not previous version ? Any other potential issue to look for ?

[ We are using WEF 8 version. ]

Requesting, suggestions and inputs. Thanks !!


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    Re: WebService builder call - SOAP version ?


    Hard to determine the problem without having the actual WSDL to work with, but it's possible the WSDL uses SOAP 1.2 exclusively.  The web service builders in WEF 8 support SOAP 1.1.  However, as I recall, WSDLs that do not define any SOAP 1.1 operations simply show no operations in the builder UI rather than raising errors.  SOAP 1.2 operations in the WSDL are ignored.  Therefore something else may be going on here.  If you can share the WSDL with IBM support, then I'd recommend opening a PMR and providing the WSDL for investigation.