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‏2013-10-08T10:36:26Z |


Is there perhaps a kind soul that has DB2 Express C 9.1 WIN x86 64 bit somewhere in their archives and could upload me a copy onto an FTP server?

Here a copy of my db2level:

DB21085I  Instanz "DB2" verwendet "64" Bit und DB2-Codefreigabe "SQL09012" mit
Aktualitäts-ID "01030107".
Informationstoken: "DB2 v9.1.2.2616", "special_17296", "WR21382_17296" und
FixPak "2".

I have a copy of the 32bit version, but unfortunately not of the 64bit version of DB2 9.1, and a customer of our's,after a server crash, cannot find the installation software for us to install on a new server.





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    Re: DB2 Express C 9.1 WIN x86 64 bit




    I have, in my work, sistems in Delphi 32Bits that use Borland Database Engine (BDE) and, with this, i need of a version of DB2 Express-C 9.1.2 32Bits for to put in my database servers. Could you  upload me a install copy onto an FTP Server? 



    Thank you!