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I was wondering if there was a way to make a connection sticky, i.e., use the same connection for multiple macros. I want to do this, to ensure consistency while running my macros. So if I am using a connection pool, and I run macro 1 which uses the next available connection from the pool, I would like to use the same connection to run a few other macros, before releasing it back into the pool.

This is also related to the other question I posted earlier, about Integration object chaining and macro chaining.



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    Re: Sticky connection


    You define the connection on the macro. The connection should be a connection pool. When using Chaining, you have to define the start of the chain, the end of the chain, and middle members of the chain. 

       <associatedConnections default="main">
          <connection name="main"/>


    If at all possible, I recommend you try to go with a single, stateless, macro. It requires work, but will result in more manageable architecture long term.